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40535 Real Life Emergencies From Life Alert ® Members

We at Life Alert strive on providing excellent and prompt service to our members and helping them in any way possible.

Below are some real life stories submitted to Life Alert by our thankful members.

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My father fell first thing in the morning. I was alerted by a [Life Alert] dispatcher who was very informative and compassionate. The fire truck arrived at the home before I did, and I live in the same neighborhood. Everything is now fine; he is home from the hospital and recovering well. Thank you!!

M.V., Charlotte, NC

I give Life Alert an excellent rating. Life Alert responded – stayed on the machine with family and on the phone with emergency personnel (EMS) until they arrived at my home.

L.P., Springfield, SC

On a Sunday morning, my wife said she felt very bad. I took her blood pressure, it was ok, her pulse was high, 125 and her heart was fluttering. She said call paramedics. She activated her button and Life Alert came right away, checked her out, and took her to the hospital. She stayed a few days – got a pacemaker and is ok now.

J.G., Anaheim, CA

Twice in one month mom fell – once alone at home in the shower – Life Alert called the paramedics and were talking with mom when I got home. Mom fell again and my sister called Life Alert, they called the paramedics who took mom to the hospital. She broke her hip and had surgery.

S.L., Van Nuys, CA

I was moving a shower chair, and lost my balance and fell into the tub. I could not get out and my wife and neighbor could not get me out. I pushed the Life Alert button, and received help from the fire department (3 men) and was checked over by the EMS personnel.

J.J., Matthews, NC

My mother became disoriented and could not follow verbal directions. Her caregiver was concerned that she may have a UTI, causing confusion. The caregiver could not move her, so she pushed the Life Alert button to call paramedics. My mother was transported to the hospital and recovered.

P.L., Corona Del Mar, CA

My mother is 89 years old and insists on staying in her house alone, we have a nurse come in but when she was alone she missed her chair and fell onto the floor and couldn’t get up. She used her Life Alert and paramedics found hidden key with help from Life Alert and helped her up to chair. Lucky only bruised.

P.D., Williamstown, NJ

I have MS. If I get a fever, I lose the use of my legs. I pressed the Life Alert and they responded quickly. They are always pleasant. They stayed on the line and talked to me, telling me how long I have to wait for them to arrive. They also contacted my sister.

D.S., Lowell, MA

My mother had fallen, and it was late at night. She pushed her button and was able to let Life Alert know. Life Alert immediately got her help. They called her son and we were able to get to her quickly to unlock her door for the emergency responders. Thank you, Life Alert! You have always been there to get her help!

E.H., Midway, TN

I fell on the floor in pain, could not get up. Two very nice men came in a window. Sweet, kind, men. They helped me up, they were very kind. We need more kind sweet men like those two. I am old; we people, like me, need love and care like Life Alert. Thank you so much.

M.S., Fairfield, TX

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