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39636 Real Life Emergencies From Life Alert ® Members

We at Life Alert strive on providing excellent and prompt service to our members and helping them in any way possible.

Below are some real life stories submitted to Life Alert by our thankful members.

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Having tripped, I fell and could not get up. I pressed the Life Alert button and the response was instant with an ambulance at the front door with two gentlemen who helped me. My nephew also came about the same time and they lifted me up. I was not hurt at all and they left. It was all due to carelessness on my part.

M.Y., Westfield, MA

I fell in my house. Was unable to get up. Had my Life Alert on and pushed the button. Immediate answer. I was in another room but was able to speak and hear the answering call. The emergency truck was here in less than five minutes. I was not hurt so they let me remain at home. Great work.

M.F., Delray Beach, FL

I suffered a dizzy spell and weakness outside my house – made it as far as the lower level of my home and pushed the Life Alert button, as I couldn’t go any further. Our town minute men and police arrived and, after checking me, took me to the hospital where I spent a week.

V.C., Montrose, PA

Upon waking and getting out of bed – fell – broke 2 ribs, split head open and left arm. Called Life Alert, ambulance called, brought me to the hospital. Everyone was very kind, courteous, and so nice. Thank you to all.

E.M., Fitchburg, MA

[Sister] fell in the backyard with no one at home with her. She was able to call her sister who responded to our home and assisted her into the house. Life Alert was contacted and the response was a success with medical arriving shortly and was transported to the local hospital.

E.G., Lusby, MD

I experienced an attack of vertigo while in the bathroom and reached for the sink, but failed. I went down, hitting my head on the corner of the bathtub. When I regained consciousness I pushed the button on my Life Alert neckless. I was alone in the house and while they could not hear my replies, they still contacted the EMT’s who arrived promptly.

J.G., Altoona, PA

My mom contacted her pharmacist concerning problems with a new medication. Pharmacist contacted doctor’s office – who then told her to push her Life Alert immediately! She did and the operator contacted 911 and had paramedics dispatched. Operator stayed online with my mom, then called me to inform me of the situation. Operator stayed online through whole process, then called me back to advise me of her condition and that she was being transported to the hospital. Great service! Thank you!

M.D., Charlotte, NC

My mother got out of bed on her own, got light headed and fell. My son and I couldn’t get her up, so we called Life Alert. When EMS came they picked my mom up, checked her out, and left. Your staff member stayed on the line until they arrived.

V.M., Chester, NY

Over the years I’ve had Life Alert it has saved my life many times. Life Alert calls my family. I have had people say they are glad to see I have Life Alert – that they have lost family members because they refused to wear one.

V.G., Carthage, MO

I fell on the cement patio and although there were metal trellises in two places I did not have the strength to pull myself up – after trying awhile to get me up – I used my wrist [Life Alert] pendant to call for help. Our fire station is 7 miles away – but they arrived as quickly as my children who lived right next door, ¼ mile and one mile, and checked me out and took me into town to the hospital.

D.C., Outlook, WA

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